About Sungoku

Sungoku promises our customers the finest ingredients in our affordable products. We offer premium and best quality natural product including Water Sprite Tea, Natural Dried Shitake Mushroom, Natural Hand Made Vermicelli, and iKLAPA brand Coconut Oil.

We only choose the best quality source for our customers.

About iKLAPA Brand

iKLAPA is a Hong-Kong based, Indonesian brand of coconut oil.

We offer our natural refined or our premium cold pressed organic.

We believe in the perfect balance of quality and quantity. Customers and Businesses are like families to us.

In the local villages known as Kampung, “gotong-royong” means to help each other out as a community. These lost and forgotten words carry the main vision of our brand:  To be the finest in quality and value for everybody to live a healthy lifestyle.

Global Buyers 

From South Korea to New Zealand, our reliable supply network from Indonesia will provide opportunities for international buyers wherever they are.

Quality Production

Our coconut oil products are pressed with quality and care. We want our customers to fully reap its healthy benefits. Important components like Lauric-Acids promotes healthy organs and better weight management.


One of the most important goals of iKLAPA is to deliver our products for the mainstream buyers to enjoy. We keep our prices without compromise for everyone in our network to reap the value and profit.

Ultimate Nutritional Companion

  • Coconut oil is a power fruit that promotes a healthy and good looking body.
  • High Smoke Point makes it a perfect companion for cooking. The light tasting coconut won’t detract the taste of your cooking.
  • Contains Healthy MCT fats (Medium Chain Triglicerydes) to promote weight-loss and burn fat. MCT fats are easily broken down so its healthier for digestion.
  • Perfect substitute for butter, reap the benefits of MCTs and healthy fats of coconut oil.
  • Perfect condiment as coffee creamer.

Ultimate Beauty and Skincare Arsenal 

  • Overnight Skin Care

When you apply coconut oil to your face before bed. Its anti-viral properties will fight off the bacterias that causes acne. Smooth Silky skin in the morning.

  • Moisturizing Hand Cream

During the winter your skin can become dry and flakey. Apply some coconut oil to keep your skin hydrated and soft.

  • Natural Alternative to Sunscreen

Reap the benefits of coconut oil by using it as sunscreen. The natural vitamins and minerals makes it a healthier alternative to sunscreen products.

  • Effective mouth wash

Anti inflammatory properties helps get rid of oral bacteria and cold sores.

  • Improve hair growth and health

Helps stimulate the minerals and oxygen to promote smooth and silky hair growth. When your hair gets dry coconut oil helps hydrate it, keeping it fresh

  • Cures rashes on sensitive skin

Its strong antimicrobial function helps eradicate skin rashes quickly.  Since the coconut oil is less crude It can easily applied on sensitive skin.